School Improvement Priorities

Our School Improvement Priorities 2021 -2022

 Leadership and Management

SIP Priority 1 – Objective: To create a high performing Priory team which provides high quality education within a positive and collaborative culture.

Aim: Leaders are clear and ambitious in creating a vision that provides high quality education and safeguards all pupils through strong shared values. Leaders work with Governors to ensure that the staff and governors are given the opportunities to develop their talents to enhance their own professional development whilst having a strong positive impact on the school team. Leaders support staff to maximise their performance within a supportive team whilst ensuring that their well -being is also considered.

Quality of Education

SIP Priority 2-  Objective : To ensure all stakeholders know what we want pupils to know and be able to do ( intent) ,  to understand how we teach, sequence and structure our Priory curriculum ( implementation)

Aim : To ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding of our curriculum intent and the rationale behind the decision and have a clear idea of how we implement our curriculum both in school and remotely as required. Teachers will be planning coherent and well sequenced lessons across the curriculum and leaders will ensure that the right resources, CPD and support are available to allow for all pupils to benefit from high quality teaching.

Quality of Education

SIP Priority 3 – Objective :To prioritise reading as the driver for ensuring that ALL pupils are supported and challenged to make at least good progress from their starting point across the Priory curriculum.

Aim:  To know the extent to which pupils have learned what we intended them to learn. (impact)

Behaviour and Attitudes

SIP Priority 4 – Objective :To use the focus of our PRIDE values of determination and independence to build resilience, independence and aspiration in all pupils.

Aim: to build positive learning attitudes and behaviours within a respectful school culture where children behave well, speak out against discrimination and feel confident to make mistakes on their learning journey working towards a fulfilling and successful future.

Personal Development

SIP Priority 5 – Objective : To increase the opportunities for all pupils but particularly our disadvantaged pupils to take an active role in our school, community and wider world demonstrating the values of peace, respect and equality.

Aim: that pupils are an integral part of the success of the school, that ALL pupils have an active role and have a strong voice and that they make purposeful links beyond our school community  treating others with peace, respect and equality.





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