Name Governor Category Governing Body Term of Office Committees Responsibilities Governors Business Interests Relationships with School Staff
Sharon Tunnicliffe Co-Opted Governing Body July 19 – July 23 Resources, D&P, Pay, HT Appraisal, Discipline Committee None None
TBC Local Authority NCC None None
Anne Baldry Co-Opted Governing Body July 19 – July 23 Pay, D&P, Discipline Committee Chair D&P/Chair Pay Committee None None
Carol Chadwick Co-Opted Governing Body Jun 17 – Jun 25 D & P, Resources, HT Appraisal, Discipline Committee None None
Sam Smith Co-Opted Governing Body Mar 16-Mar 24 Resources, D&P, HT Appraisal Vice Chair of Governors, Chair Resources None None
Sharleen Whiley Parent Governing Body Nov 18 – Nov 22 Resources, D&P, Quality Assurance Chair of Governors None None
Alison Prodger Head Teacher Staff Jan 19 – Resources, Pay, D&P, Discipline Committee Head Teacher None None
Sophie Gilbert Staff Staff Jun 19 – Jun 23 Resources Staff None None
Joanna Tilling Co-Opted Governing Body Mar 17 – Mar 25 Resources Staff None None
Esther Coleman-Smith Parent Governing Body May 19 – May 23 Resources, D&P None None

Attendance Records

Autumn 2021 Spring 2021 Summer 2021             
D & P Alison, Carol, Sam, Sharon, Sharleen Anne, Carol, Sharleen, Sharon, Esther, Alison Anne, Carol, Sharon, Sharleen, Alison, Sophie, Mharie, Esther
Full Governing Body Anne, Carol, Alison, Sophie, Esther, Sharon, Sam Sharon, Anne, Carol, Sam, Sharleen, Alison, Sophie, Joanna, Esther Sharon, Anne, Carol, Sam, Alison, Joanna, Esther
Resources Alison, Carol, Sophie, Esther, Sharleen, Joanna Carol, Sharon, Sharleen, Alison, Joanna Carol, Sam, Sharon, Sharleen, Alison, Esther

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