The Priory Ethos and our Priory PRIDE Values

 Priory Pride – Our Ethos and Values 

 Peace – Respect – Independence – Determination – Equality

Our five core PRIDE values underpin all that we do; these values alongside other common values are at the heart of all aspects of our school. Our Priory curriculum has the golden thread of our PRIDE values running through it; we LEARN with PRIDE. Our Curriculum web page explains our Priory curriculum in more detail.





Our Ethos – At Priory we:

Work together

  • The school community work together to ensure all children are safe.
  • There is a strong sense of community – all members of the community working together for the good of the children.
  • Parents are confident that the school is ensuring that their child progresses well but also works hard to help their child to develop into a healthy, happy, caring and respectful member of society. They feel comfortable to be part of school life and to voice their opinions and feelings.

We provide support and provision when needed

  • Effective provision, support and nurture is given to pupils and their families when they need it.


We work to ensure ALL are able to achieve

  • We strive to ensure levels of attainment sit above the national average and all children make at least good progress from their starting points.
  • Children are taught how to be resilient and staff seek out opportunities to raise children’s self – esteem and confidence in their abilities.


We give pupils’ a ‘voice’

  • Children take an active part in school life – they are given a ‘voice.’


We promote health and happiness 

  • Children are encouraged to make healthy choices and opportunities are given for activity during the school day. Emphasis is placed on the importance of developing good health and mental well- being for life.



  • The curriculum engages and excites and offers an appropriate level of challenge. It encourages children to be independent and curious learners developing lifelong knowledge and skills.
  • There are enrichment opportunities and experiences to enhance the curriculum and enthuse the children.
  • Our Priory PRIDE values are the golden thread that underpins our curriculum.

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